Our Partners

We are proud to be sponsored by Super Star Learning Company and their dedication to education and technology.

The Super Star Learning Company has developed the learning environments required for teaching new and demanding 21st century skills. Special thanks goes to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the development of “The Framework for 21st Century Learning”. In direct response to this body of work, Super Star Learning Company has created Room 21™, ProjectBasedLearning.com™, and MyDreamMachine.com™ to sustain the teaching and learning of 21st century skill outcomes by doing the following:

Supporting professional learning communities that enable educators to collaborate, share best practices, and integrate 21st century skills into classroom practice.
Enabling students to learn in a relevant, real-world 21st century context (through project-based or other applied work)
Allowing equitable access to learning tools, technologies and resources
Supporting expanded community involvement in learning, both face-to-face and online

Our Mission for Education

We believe that anything is possible when we fully commit to making a difference. It is from this core philosophy that we look to develop environments, tools and communities that can
 and will make a difference in learning for all mankind.
About MyDreamMachine.com™

MyDreamMachine.com™ is an online program that manages and teaches students to: create dreams and goals, to set specific benchmarks for their dreams and goals. In addition, My Dream Machine™ provides updates of dream status and progress while leveraging the support of the users dream team.


Our School Edition is a private, safe, secure network for students to learn goal setting.
Our World Edition is an open network that integrates to Facebook©, Yahoo©, Twitter©, and Google© networks.

We are always looking for partners and new avenues to expand our brand and services. Please feel free to visit our Contact page to reach us with sponsorship or creative ideas. To learn more about Super Star Learning Company click here.