What We Do

So what is the VIP Talent Academy?

Designed equally for beginning talent as well as those with experience, the VIP Talent Academy provides all potential talent with modern techniques, advice and most importantly the fundamentals to go from beginner to professional in the entertainment industry, by providing a foundation of training rooted in time-honored theatrical traditions of those who have been successful and now want to give back by offering the next generation advice and a road map of what works and does not work.


“The Academy” is a FREE service offering instructional video clips on subjects such as, what experienced and new models, actors, musicians need to know to succeed. Examples are: “How to be signed by a agent or manager” to up to the minute access of real-time castings and auditions to downloadable e-books and PDF guides on insider technique’s. You will learn how to land the “Dream Job” from advice that is written by real, successful NY and LA agents, managers, actors, directors, models, musicians and a who’s who of A list individuals activity involved in the entertainment industry.”
Imagine a world without Arts and Entertainment.

Any endeavor in life takes experience and knowledge. For the past five years we have interviewed thousands of individuals who are truly amazing and gifted individuals but the one key factor many of them they lacked is either the education or perhaps the circle of friends and family to support their passion to have success as a model, actor or musician. We used to say to those individuals and families “Why swim with ducks, when you can soar with eagles”.

“Our concept is easy to master. Work hard, learn and perfect your ability and build relationships.”

At the same time we were saddened to see so many of these people spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on products and service’s that promised success with all good intentions such as photo’s or classes that were a service but did not guarantee a shot at a legitimate job or even better a real opportunity to create a career. Thus you got just what you paid for pictures and basic classes. So we said what were these people lacking? What do the people and kids, perhaps anyone of any age, race or experience with talent; looks and determination really need to succeed or at the very least have that one shot to make their dream real and not some false promise with a price tag to boot?

The Talent Academy was born.